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Graduation 2024 at Bosworth Independent School

Friday 3rd May marked the beginning of an important occasion for Bosworth Independent Schools more senior students. Our Year 11 and Year 13 students streamed into the hall, filled with their teachers, friends and parents, and prepared to graduate.

Many of our year 11 students were thrilled to have concluded their GCSE’s and as they crossed the stage to collect their certificates, were looking forward to embarking on their A Level journey with us in September.

The goodbyes were more final for our Year 13 students, who after two years of tireless studying, hard work and dedication are concluding their time at Bosworth Independent School. As they crossed the stage, they were looking toward the future too, with many of them heading to top UK universities this coming September.

As well as certificates, the ceremony included numerous speeches to commemorate the year and to inspire students as they enter new chapters of their lives. Daniel Mattock and Angela Beckett, our Year 11 and Year 13 heads bid happy and hearty farewells to the students they have spent the last year supporting.

Our guest speaker was Dr Katherine Adams, who is the Director of Reusefully, a company that specialises in providing expert advice regarding a circular economy and greater sustainability with the built environment. The story of how she pursued her passions and built her career and company was inspiring and impactful to our students who are exploring what careers they want to pursue and what goals they want to chase.

Graduation was a wonderful experience. Bosworth Independent School are pleased to say farewell and good luck to our 2024 cohort with this brilliant celebration, which are sure students will cherish the memory of.