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2017 Success Stories

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We are delighted to report that 2017 results have yet again outperformed the UK national average with 74.6% achieving A* to B grades and 89.4% achieving A* to C grades.

Success Stories

Minh (Vietnamese) A*A*A*A* achieved in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths and he has been accepted to read Natural Sciences at The Minerva Schools at KGI. Minh sums up his experience, “To sum up my time at Bosworth in 3 words; diverse, supportive and flexible, but all of that means you will have an extraordinary journey if you choose Bosworth. It has equipped me with knowledge, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life.”


Khanh (Vietnamese) A*A*AA achieved in Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Physics and she has been accepted to read Finance at the London School of Economics. Khanh told us, “The teaching is wonderful in Bosworth. The teachers not only have great academic knowledge but also take good care of us like our parents.”


Gary (Hong Kong) A*A*AA achieved in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Chinese and he has been accepted to read Biochemistry at University College London. Gary tells us “Bosworth has prepared me for greater things in life and further steps I take in the future.”


Lois (British) A*A*A achieved in Biology, French and Chemistry and she has taken on a 3-year apprenticeship with Vertex Pharmaceuticals whilst studying for an Applied Bioscience Technology degree via the University of Kent. Lois believes, “My time at Bosworth has been an ideal opportunity for me. Small class sizes and supportive teachers have helped me to progress academically, and I appreciated a feeling of positivity and mutual respect.”


Kelvin (Malaysian) AAAAA achieved in Economics, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Chinese and he has been accepted to read Law at the University of Warwick. Kelvin told us, “The impact that Bosworth has made on me is that is has been a catalyst of my transition from teenage life to adulthood.”


Corey (British) AAAb achieved in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and AS Maths and she has been accepted to read Medicine at the University of Sheffield. Corey tells us, “Bosworth has really shaped me as a person. Over the four years that I have been here, I have gained resilience and maturity. During my final year, Bosworth has prepared me for university in ways that I will forever be thankful for. From teaching to the extracurricular activities, Bosworth has been nothing but first-class. I will never forget the opportunities that I’ve been given here.” Corey ends her quote with “She believed that she could, so she did.”


Vincent (Hong Kong) A*A*A*A*B achieved in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Chinese and he has been accepted to read Theoretical Physics at University College London.

The individual care and attention each student receives at the College will continue to ensure that each individual can fulfil their academic potential and we will remain proud to follow this year’s cohort as they progress and grow in their chosen fields.

Bosworth values

Nurture and educate every student in our community whatever his or her ability, culture, ethnicity or social background.


We seek to encourage each student to grow in confidence and to cultivate a life-long curiosity for the world around us.


Communicate with enthusiasm, collaborate and contribute to our community with commitment and creativity.


We aim to promote academic excellence tempered by care and concern for those around us.