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Student Support

We help our students to achieve their potential through supportive culture and environment at the School.

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Student Support

Students starting in September and January begin with a comprehensive induction programme, which ensures they have a chance to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings, talk to staff and understand their subject choices and timetable. This provides a relaxing but fun start to their course. It is especially important to us that boarding students aim to arrive for the induction period, so they have time to settle in.

At regular intervals throughout the year, students sit tests in all their academic subjects. The results are sent to parents, along with comprehensive reports twice a year in December and April. This allows the Course Director to review each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and keeps parents updated on their child’s progress.

We recognise that the culture and environment in which our students study is extremely important in helping them achieve their potential; this is true outside as well as inside the classroom. Each student is allocated a Personal Tutor, who meets regularly with them to monitor their academic progress and guide each student through their university applications. They are also on hand to give support and advice about any non-academic issues which may arise.

The Personal Tutor communicates regularly with parents and guardians. Furthermore, all senior staff in the School, including the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Assistant Head and Head of Boarding, provide an open-door policy, making themselves readily available to the student body.

In addition to tutorial support, our Student Liaison Officer provides a dedicated service for students, assisting with banking arrangements, flights and general information, as well as offering invaluable emotional support. Our School Nurse is available to attend to any students who are unwell, or who may need to discuss any health issues. She can make referrals to an external counselling provider on request.

Bosworth values

Nurture and educate every student in our community whatever his or her ability, culture, ethnicity or social background.


We seek to encourage each student to grow in confidence and to cultivate a life-long curiosity for the world around us.


Communicate with enthusiasm, collaborate and contribute to our community with commitment and creativity.


We aim to promote academic excellence tempered by care and concern for those around us.