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Exams - Private Candidates

We offer GCSE, IGCSE (Edexcel only), AS and A-level exams with all exam boards apart from Cambridge (CIE).

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If you are interested in taking an exam as a private candidate or just want more information please contact the Exams Officer, Alison Barnes, by emailing abarnes@bosworthschool.co.uk

Sitting exams as a private candidate

We are very pleased to welcome private candidates to take exams with us. We offer GCSE, IGCSE (Edexcel only), AS and A-level exams with all exam boards apart from Cambridge (CIE). Private candidates do not have to use the same exam board as our own students do – you have a free choice!

There are some restrictions to the subjects that can be taken but we can often offer a suggestion or an alternative if the exam you want is not available.

We know that taking exams is stressful so we try to do all we can to minimise anxiety. Some candidates like to visit the School beforehand to see the exam rooms and where to sign in, and we are always happy to arrange this. We have a large number of private candidates taking exams with us every year (over 200 in 2022-23) and these include both teenagers, often home-schooled, and adults requiring qualifications for a change of career or taking a subject just for fun.


We charge the exam board entry fee (plus late fees if applicable) plus an admin fee of between £60 and £200, depending on the number of subjects being taken.

Exam board entry deadlines are as follows:

Series Entry deadline Late fees from Very late fees from
November (Edexcel IGCSE) 15th September 16th September 14th October
November Maths/English GCSE) 4th October 5th October 25th October
June (A level, GCSE) 21st February 22nd February 22nd April
June (Edexcel IGCSE) 21st March 22nd March  22nd April


We will provide a full refund of fees paid for exams (entry fees plus admin fees) for exam withdrawals up to the first entry deadline (21st February, 4th October). Between 22nd February and 20th April or 5th October and 24th October we will refund the entry fees but will retain part of the admin fee – £60 or 50% of the fee paid, whichever is higher. However any late entry fees already incurred will not be refunded, as the exam boards do not refund those to us. From 22nd April or 25th October onwards no refund will be made.

GCSE and A-level mock exam experience

Join Bosworth students for the ‘mock exam’ experience. This exclusive opportunity gives private candidates the chance to get a taste of what happens in an exam before it takes place in the summer. Candidates will join our students during ‘mocks week’ (early in January) and experience the full examination process.

Price: £30 for the first subject
£10 for every additional subject thereafter

Please note we cannot provide or mark exam papers. Please organise that yourself and contact the School for further assistance in setting up the mock examination.


“I wanted to say a huge thank you for hosting Laura’s exams so brilliantly. Thank you for being so kind, thoughtful and thoroughly organised. I had been holding my breath that she would find the whole process too exhausting but your set-up meant she relaxed totally and was able to concentrate on doing the exams and not on all the “admin bother” that she could have been dealing with. Please pass on my thanks to your team. I felt as well looked after as Laura was (which also helped her to relax)! We will always be so grateful to Bosworth for letting Laura have the chance of doing her best.”



Richard would like to take his A level exams at Bosworth please. He felt good taking his Maths resit with you, and we’ve been very impressed with your efficiency and the way you run things.


It was John’s last exam yesterday so I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. The organisation in the run-up to, and at the exams has been excellent. John felt relaxed and welcome and I am so pleased that he was able to take his GCSEs at your venue.


Thank you for allowing Zach to sit his exams at Bosworth this year as an external candidate. It has all been very stress-free so thank you for that!


Thank you again for your care of Carys; you played an enormous part in her ability to sit the exams with confidence.


I just wanted to drop you a note for you and your team to say a massive thank you for all your help. My daughter sat her GCSEs with you this year, and the whole process has been so easy. Everyone was extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming. Megan felt comfortable, at ease and relaxed which was a huge relief for me and a credit to you and your team. So, thank you!


We were so impressed with Bosworth School. You made the whole process so easy and Max felt comfortable there.


I would just like to say thank you to yourself and Bosworth School for a fabulous experience provided to my daughter Olivia who sat her GCSEs with yourselves this year as an external candidate.


Marnie really enjoyed coming to Bosworth for her exams. It’s got a great atmosphere! And she felt very well looked after.