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2018 Success Stories

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Results Overview

Following a year of rigorous study and preparations for examinations, the 2017-18 academic year has drawn to a close and the nervous wait for results is over. Our students and teachers have worked exceptionally hard, and we are delighted to announce this year’s results, with 83% achieving A* to C grades at A-level. Further to this, we are particularly pleased that 31% of our candidates gained at least 3 A or A* grades!

Fiona Pocock, Principal at Bosworth states “We’re delighted that our students’ and teachers’ hard work has paid off. Our candidates have secured places at highly-ranked universities and on high-demand courses too and so we are thrilled to share their success.”

We offer huge congratulations to all of our students who can now move to the next stage of their careers, they are all success stories in our eyes, but highlighted below are some of the highest achievers:

The individual care and attention each student receives at the College will continue to ensure that each individual can fulfil their academic potential and we will remain proud to follow this year’s cohort as they progress and grow in their chosen fields.

Success Stories

Chloe (China) achieved A* in Maths, A in Chemistry, A in English Literature and A in Government & Politics. Chloe came to Bosworth as her cousin previously studied with us, and went on to Cambridge to study Engineering, Chloe has now achieved her goal of following in his footsteps and has achieved a place at Cambridge to study Law. Alongside this, Chloe has been awarded a highly-prized and prestigious  Jardine Scholarship – an outstanding achievement.

Three words to describe Bosworth from Chloe “Friendly, academic, and diverse”.


Melika (Iran) achieved A*in Biology, A* in Maths and A in Chemistry, and has been accepted to read Medicine at Lancaster University. Melika is an outstanding student who alongside her studies undertook work experience at Northampton General Hospital, as well as in her native Iran at a hospital and a medical cardiac research project. Melika joined Bosworth’s Medicine and Science Support Programme offered to students in AS & A2 hoping to apply for Medicine and STEM subjects at top universities. We wish Melika the best of luck with the next step of her career.


Ellie (UK) has been accepted to read Law at The University of Liverpool. Ellie was our Senior Student Ambassador and has flourished with confidence since studying at Bosworth. Ellie says “Thank you so much! Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me over the last two years!”
We wish Ellie all the best in the next step of her career.

Ellie is pictured here with one of our admissions advisors, Sue Hunt.


Bosworth values

Nurture and educate every student in our community whatever his or her ability, culture, ethnicity or social background.


We seek to encourage each student to grow in confidence and to cultivate a life-long curiosity for the world around us.


Communicate with enthusiasm, collaborate and contribute to our community with commitment and creativity.


We aim to promote academic excellence tempered by care and concern for those around us.