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School Profile for University Admissions Officers

School Profile

Bosworth Independent School is a well-established independent school catering for both local and overseas students. We currently have approximately 320 students from over 40 different countries studying with us and our average class size is 8 students. In addition to academic subject-specific teaching, students also receive support to develop study skills and independent learning skills.

Our students

Bosworth is a non-selective School. The majority of our A-level students join Bosworth School at the start of their Year 12. We offer a full range of academic A-level subjects. Overseas students have a variety of previous qualifications on entry. We, therefore, test students rigorously before and on arrival, in English, Mathematics and cognitive ability, to confirm that they are suited to the A-level programme. Local students are often attracted by our flexible approach to the range of subjects that can be combined alongside our reputation for care, support and challenge. We expect our students to be academically aspirational and our staff to work with equal ambition for those with any specific learning difference.

Year 12 students at Bosworth are tested regularly to allow teachers to monitor and support students’ progress. These written ‘class tests’ in all subjects at specific points in the academic year also provide a supporting and monitoring students objective basis for predicted grades and for our extensive guidance programme for students over course and university choices. Year 12 students also take end of year written exams as part of this process.

English Language Policy (for overseas students)

Our overseas students usually have a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or approved GCSE / IGCSE qualification to start on our A-level programme. They receive timetabled IELTS lessons from specialised teachers throughout Years 12 and 13. All classes are taught in English and overseas students have to keep up with their first language-speaking peers. We also ensure that only English is spoken in our academic buildings at all times.

AS Policy

In Year 12, students may take 3 or 4 GCE subjects, provided they have passed GCSE English at Grade 4 or better, or have an equivalent qualification. Many overseas students take three subjects alongside timetabled IELTS lessons. Every year, a group of students joins in January of Year 12 and take 3 A-level subjects in 5 terms instead of 6.