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School Proprietor and Governance


The proprietor of Bosworth Independent School is CEG Colleges Limited. The chair of the proprietor body is Professor Toby Salt.

Contact details for the proprietor

CEG Colleges Limited is registered at Suites 6-7, The Turvill Building, Old Swiss, 149 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, CB1 7BX. Telephone +44 1223 341300.

Academic and Compliance External Oversight

The school is inspected by Independent School Inspectorate (ISI). ISI is appointed by the Department for Education to inspect association independent schools in England.

Our latest ISI report can be found here.


As a proprietorial independent school, the governance is provided by a body collectively known as the ‘CATS Global Schools Governing Body’.

CATS Global Schools (CGS) Governing Body incorporates the directors of each of the individual CGS Group proprietors, as well as the parent company, and has oversight of all schools within the group. The CGS Governing Body is responsible for ensuring all CGS schools are regulatorily compliant and their practice aligns with their stated missions and visions. The CGS Governing Body is also there to advise on the long-term strategic direction of the group of schools.

In addition Bosworth Independent School has a Local Advisory Board (LAB). The LAB does not have executive authority but act as additional advisors. The primary role of the Local Advisory Board is to hold the Head/Principal and the wider school accountable for the school values, ethos and vision. The LAB ensures that the values of the school and the ethos and core values of CATS CGS are upheld in the school’s plans and actions.

Governing Body membership

The governors consist of all company directors, the Managing Director (Schools), each individual Head/Principal, additional senior central staff appointed for their experience, and independent member(s) to provide challenge and support.

Further information can be located at Membership of the CGS Governing Body.

Bosworth values

Nurture and educate every student in our community whatever his or her ability, culture, ethnicity or social background.


We seek to encourage each student to grow in confidence and to cultivate a life-long curiosity for the world around us.


Communicate with enthusiasm, collaborate and contribute to our community with commitment and creativity.


We aim to promote academic excellence tempered by care and concern for those around us.