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DofE Bronze Qualifying Expedition and DofE Silver Practice: Celebrating Our Adventurous Students

We are proud to announce that our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award group successfully completed their assessed expedition! This significant achievement is a testament to the students’ teamwork and the practical application of skills they honed during their practice expedition earlier this year. Unlike the practice run, this time, the students were entirely on their own for the weekend, responsible for all map reading and navigation.

Their journey began with a walk from Hackleton village in Northamptonshire to their campsite at Grendon Lakes, followed by a second day’s trek to the village of Lavendon. The students excelled in navigation and found the walking so manageable that they humorously complained it wasn’t long enough! They faced new challenges, including rain on the first morning and some overly enthusiastic horses on the second day, one of which took a nibble out of Jade’s roll mat!

Despite these challenges, all students successfully completed the expedition component of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Please join us in congratulating them and encouraging them to finish the other sections of their award to receive their certificates. Special thanks to Stephen Webster, Georgie Neil and Sue Winship for dedicating their time to supervise the expedition.

The group on expedition this weekend was: Jessica, Benyada, Caitlin, Rita, Minkyu, Meer, Alinah, Surya, Avanish, Yiqiao (Jade), Tsz (Yannie) and Chenya (Clare).

In addition to the Bronze group, a cohort of students also completed their first backpacking expedition for their Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. At the Silver level, the expeditions are more challenging, spanning three days and two nights. To test their skills, we took them to the picturesque Peak District in Derbyshire. This practice expedition aimed to refresh the skills they gained from their Bronze Award, such as reading Ordnance Survey maps, setting up tents, and camp cooking, along with learning how to pack for a longer expedition. On the first day, they walked with their teachers, but navigated independently for the second and third days.

The Silver group did an outstanding job, especially considering it was the first time some of them had walked and camped. They excelled in navigation, becoming experts in map reading by the final day. Special thanks to Stephen Webster and Georgie Neil for dedicating their time to supervise the expedition.

The Silver DofE group included: Naz, Erin, Titi, Erica, and Melis. They will embark on their qualifying expedition in the Shropshire Hills in September.

Well done to all our adventurous students! Keep up the great work and continue to strive for your goals.