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A Welcome Back Message From The Headmaster

Welcome back to another school year here at Bosworth Independent School.

Induction week has just taken place. This week is one where all of our bright new students join us for the first time and are officially enrolled in the school, shown around the school and introduced to the responsibilities of representing Bosworth in the school and in the wider community.

We ended last year with some great results. Our A Level students have gone on to secure places at top universities like University of Warwick, University of Surrey and University of Nottingham and GCSE results were four times better than the national average.

In total, and in line with our policy of small class sizes so as to improve every student’s academic outcomes, we have 195 students at the school this year. We are welcoming back 97 students to Bosworth Independent School and we look forward to seeing them make leaps and bounds as they continue their own personal academic journeys.

We’re hosting 30 different nationalities in our school alongside the 21% of the British domestic cohort.

Many of these students are now taking on roles within the school to help new starters settle into the Bosworth way of life. We have Head Students, Prefects, and ‘Bosworth Buddies’ leading younger students and their peers in talks about behaviour, extracurricular activities and even finding their way around the local area. One pair of our Bosworth Buddies has created a specific Google map for students that highlights all of the best and most appropriate sights and recreational activities in Northampton.

With this comes fun activities like football and basketball, walks in the local area so students gain their bearings, and classroom activities to get to grips with their academic progression. We spent this week with our students so they could spend time forming friendships and learn the rhythm of the school before term start officially and the appearance of the new school uniform is in full effect.

And finally, we got the chance to spend an evening with the parents of some of our more local students. This was a great chance to meet parents who form the backbone of our local Bosworth Independent School community and listen to the most important voices in our student’s lives.

With all that we’d like to welcome everyone back to the school year – and to our continued success.

Jason Lewis,

Headmaster, Bosworth Independent School