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The Benefits of Traditional Boarding Schools

One of the many benefits of attending a traditional UK boarding school is that it opens up a world of opportunities for children that most state schools simply cannot provide. Traditional boarding schools offer a unique school experience, whereby children are surrounded by a close-knit community of friends and teachers centred around achieving academic excellence. These are not the only positives of a boarding school environment, in fact there are a myriad of benefits that set children up to become successful adults. These are just some of the best things about boarding schools:

1. An Individualised, First-Class Education. 
Boarding schools have small class sizes. Here at Bosworth Independent School our average class size is eight students. With such small classes the students benefit as they receive more attention from their teachers, who have the time and resources to tailor their support to the needs of the individual.

2. Opportunities for Mentorship and Networking.
Top UK boarding schools attract pupils from across the UK and the rest of the world. This is one of the biggest benefits of attending boarding school, as your child is surrounded by a close-knit and culturally diverse community of students. Often life-long friendships are forged within the halls of boarding schools, and because they are so diverse it helps students develop their understanding of different cultures and countries, transforming them into well-rounded global citizens.

3. An Inclusive, Close-Knit and Multicultural Community
A notable benefit of boarding school is that even after moving on you can remain a part of that supportive and driven community for life. Often current students have the opportunity to connect with alumni who have gone on to attend prestigious universities or create successful careers. Hearing about how they approached these situations can be inspiring, answer questions and remind students they have an exciting future ahead of them. It’s also a great networking opportunity for students, helping them build connections and get advice from professionals within industries they aspire to enter, which may help them on their own career journeys.  

4. Higher Academic Outcomes and Supported University Preparation
One of the many advantages of going to a boarding school is that children who attend them typically have better educational outcomes. As reported in the Northampton Chronicle, Bosworth Independent School GCSE students achieved 44% of A*-A results, double the national average, where only 21.6% of students were able to achieve such heights. Going beyond statistics, children who attend boarding schools often participate in activities and training to help them prepare for university entrance interviews or exams like the LNAT. This means students can access support from industry professionals to help coach them for these milestone moments and equip them for success. 

5. Independence and Responsibility
Studying at boarding school teaches students to become independent young people. They learn to manage their own time, create and maintain their own routines, keep their room clean and are accountable for ensuring their uniform is correct. Having and managing these responsibilities gives children a sense of control and accountability within their lives, helping them to develop into self-sufficient young adults. It also gives them the chance to prepare for the independence that comes with the transition to university but within a safe and supportive school environment.  

A UK boarding school is the right choice for your child if you want a school that provides a unique and comprehensive education experience, in an environment that allows students to thrive during their formative years. Students are able to grow, learn and develop into young adults supported by a school community with clear values, a standard of academic excellence and who are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where young people can thrive.