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A leading STEM School in the UK

Bosworth School provides a high-quality academic programme for STEM subjects in the UK. Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

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Bosworth School have been a UK leader in providing STEM subjects within the UK since
1977. STEM covers a wide range of topics within Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics. Combining these subjects equips students with a well-rounded knowledge
base and places them in a prime position for university applications and future career

Here at Bosworth School, we are passionate about encouraging young people to step into
existing subject areas such as STEM and develop a strong professional portfolio. Largely
focused on practical learning, STEM students also have the opportunity to apply their
knowledge to real-life situations.

STEM plays an important role in economic development and is expected to become one of
the largest sectors for employment over the next few years. Therefore, the need for STEM
students and the workforce is ever increasing. As a sector that lacks diversity, we believe it is so
important to provide young people with the platform to pursue a career in this industry should
they choose to do so.

Many of our students who have studied STEM subjects at Bosworth School have moved on
to study Medicine, Engineering, Actuarial Science or Biomedical Sciences, to name just a
few, at some of the top Russell Group universities in the country, including Oxford and

We are extremely proud of our talented alumni and hope to continue achieving academic
excellence as a leading STEM School in the UK.

STEM education is also a key part of our summer school programme, offering interactive
workshops covering coding and robotics.

If you’re interested in our STEM programme here at Bosworth School, get in touch or apply

Bosworth values

Nurture and educate every student in our community whatever his or her ability, culture, ethnicity or social background.


We seek to encourage each student to grow in confidence and to cultivate a life-long curiosity for the world around us.


Communicate with enthusiasm, collaborate and contribute to our community with commitment and creativity.


We aim to promote academic excellence tempered by care and concern for those around us.