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Saying HelloYellow to Good Mental Health at Bosworth Independent School

#HelloYellow is an event focused on young people’s mental health. Created by the charity Young Minds, the day is all about promoting mental health support for young people. The day draws people’s attention to initiatives and schemes which are in place to support young people and remind them they are not alone, and there are people who can support them when it comes to managing their mental health.

One of the biggest ways to participate in #HelloYellow is to wear yellow. By doing this you signpost yourself as someone who supports and advocates for young people’s mental health. At Bosworth Independent School, our staff and students all spent the day sporting their most stylish yellow outfits.

Our student council’s wellbeing committee ran activities during break and lunch to promote good wellbeing and positive mindsets. Students wrote positivity notes to give to one another. Our prefects wore yellow t-shirts, which their peers could decorate by donating money in exchange for yellow emoji stickers, lollies and yellow nail varnish. During PSHE and Personal Tutor time students learnt about how to access support and were encouraged to stand up and reach out for support if they feel they or their friends need it.

At Bosworth Independent School we recognise how important it is to nurture the young people in our care. We recognise that means not only looking out for their best interests academically, but their best interests overall, which includes ensuring they have good mental health and can access mental health support when needed. It is important for students to feel safe, comfortable and able to speak on the topic. That is why it’s vital students know they are part of a community that supports them.

Events like #HelloYellow are a great way to remind people that mental health matters. Our activities provided dedicated time for our community to advocate for young people’s mental health and allow students and staff to support an important cause. Talking about such important issues helps raise awareness and bring attention to them.