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A-level French

If you have enjoyed studying French/Spanish at GCSE, then why not continue to develop your linguistic skills at A-level?

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Exam Board: AQA


If you have enjoyed studying French or Spanish at GCSE, why not continue to develop your linguistic skills at A-level? The ability to understand and communicate in another language is a life-long skill for education, employment and leisure purposes. You will discover new cultures and gain a broader view of today’s increasingly globalized world. In today’s job market employers favour prospective employees who can offer a foreign language.

Universities widely respect MFL qualifications as proof of the academic ability to study  a wide variety of courses. The A-level course is a 2-year linear one with examinations at the end of this period.

All topics include the whole French or Spanish speaking world.

This course is only available for the September start 2 year A-level.

Entry Requirements

Our AQA MFL A-level courses are best suited to students achieving level 6/7 or above in French or Spanish at GCSE (or equivalent). Students need to enjoy communicating in the target language as well as reading, writing and sharing ideas. We build on the basis of solid GCSE skills.

Course Content

Students must study either one text and one film or two texts.

Year 12 topics: 

  • The changing concept of ‘family’
  • Cybersociety (technology in daily life)
  • (Fr) The charity sector
  • National heritage (both physical and cultural)
  • Fr) Contemporary  music
  • (Fr) French cinema

…and we study one  book or film. Most of the new grammar for A-level is covered in this year.

Year 13 Topics:

  • Multicultural France
  • Marginalised groups in society
  • How criminals are treated
  • Young people and political engagement
  • Strikes and protests – a French phenomenon
  • Politics, immigration and integration

… and a second book or film (to make one of each).


Paper 1

Listening, reading and writing
2 hours 30 mins

This paper includes translation into English (minimum of 100 words) and translation into MFL (minimum 100 words).

Paper 2

2 hours

One question to be answered on the set text and one on the set film OR two questions to be answered on the two texts studied from the set list. Approximately 300 words per essay.

Paper 3

– approx. 23 mins including 5 mins

preparation. Discussion of a sub-theme based on a stimulus card. Presentation and discussion of an Individual Research Project of the candidate’s choosing.