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Where Bosworth Independent School Wants to Study for University

Our year 13 students are looking towards the future as they await responses from the universities they have applied to study at.

At Bosworth Independent School we are proud to be able to consistently send our students off to continue their education at top universities. Last year our students progressed onto The University of Warwick, University of Surrey, University of Nottingham amongst others. We are excited to watch as this year’s cohort continue our record of success and gain their places at top universities.

Our Students’ Aspirations

We caught up with our students to find out what universities they were hoping to attend. Click their names below to read more.

Sara from Italy

Sara has applied to University of Plymouth, University of East Anglia, University of Leeds and Cardiff University. She would like to study medicine.

Nick from Ukraine

Nick applied to the University of Bath and University of Manchester and University of Birmingham. He would most like to attend the University of Bath as he likes its unique atmosphere.

Kate from Belarus

Kate applied to University of Surrey, University of Bristol, University of Liverpool and Lancaster University, where she would like to study Economics.

Andre from Ukraine

Andre has applied to study at University of York, University of Edinburgh and Royal Holloway University of London. He would like to study cyber security.

Looking Forward

Our students receive dedicated and personalised support throughout their university applications, with access to higher education officers who help them tailor their applications, teachers who help them prepare them for exams and other staff members who support them here at Bosworth independent school.