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Bosworth Independent School Host Inter-school Maths Challenge and Take Home the Trophy

This year we had the pleasure of hosting the CATS Global Schools Inter-School Maths Challenge here at Bosworth Independent School. Our students were joined by fellow competitors from CATS Cambridge and the previous champions, Guildhouse School. Both schools are part of CATS Global Schools. The Inter-school Maths Challenge is a chance for students to come together to compete. 

This was the second time running the Inter-school Maths Challenge, following the fun and success had in the previous year’s challenge. Each school has two teams of students who work collaboratively to complete the tasks to the best of their abilities.   

We kicked this years challenge off with a ‘CrossNumber’, which in principle is the same as a crossword however you are working out numbers in place of words. Each school had a pair of teams representing them and each team only received half of the clues. They were allocated either the across or down section of clues. This meant not only they needed to succeed but that they also had to rely on the success of their counterpart in order to be successful in the challenge.   

With the ‘CrossNumber’ behind them it was time for students to face the Shuttle Round. This challenge was all about remaining calm under pressure and being an excellent collaborator. Team One had to solve and equation and then pass their answer to team two, who need to work backwards from the answer to discover the equation.  

This year the competition was fierce, and the challenges were difficult. By the time the final scores were measured we were neck and neck with CATS Cambridge. Our students faced the challenges with determination, exceptional collaboration and mathematical skill, which ultimately led them to victory! 

We are pleased to announce that Bosworth Independent School won this years CATS Global Schools Inter-school Maths Challenge with a score of 93. CATS Cambridge placed second with 91 points and Guildhouse School came third with 73 points.  

We had great fun hosting (and winning) the Inter-school Maths Challenge and are grateful to CATS Cambridge and Guildhouse for travelling up to Northampton to compete with us. We also want to say a big thank you to the students and staff who made the day possible. We are looking forward to next year’s rematch, where we will be fighting to keep our crown.