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Bosworth Independent School Heads to London For Lunar New Year

Every year people from all over the world ring in the Lunar New year with 15 days of celebration. Beginning on the first New Moon of the Lunar Calendar and ending with the appearance of the first Full Moon, it is an event celebrated by billions, including many students at Bosworth Independent School.

Jeff, our Head of Boarding, wanted to do something that would make this Lunar New Year memorable for those in our community celebrating it. So, leading an excited group of students, he headed to London for and educational and celebratory day trip to the capital.

Beginning at The British Museum students spent their time exploring the hundreds of items on display from countries and cultures from around the world. They spend hours at the museum looking at exhibitions on Asia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and more.

The above photo garnered lots of interest. This glazed, ceramic figure was discovered in the Yixian region of the Northern Hebei province in 1912. It was thought to have been fired around 1115-1234 and created to represent one of Buddha’s disciples.

Following their exploration of the museum, our group headed towards the distinctive red lanterns of China Town. After a day of being on their feet they had the chance to sit down, rest and refuel at an all you can eat Chinese buffet.

After filling their bellies students set off to do a bit of shopping before catching the train back to Northampton, tired but happy.